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 Laptop + Tablet + Phone Advertisement
 Have a great year , enjoy our biggest template.

 Laptop + Tablet + Phone Advertisement:
  • No Plugins Required! Easy to use.
  • Tutorial Documentation is included.
  • Fully editable text.
  • Background is changeable.
  • Ultra realistic, pre-rendered models with changeable screen and back.
  • Black and White models are also included. (Laptop is only in one color)
  • Individual placeholders for your images or videos.
  • Ready to render in full HD & HD Resolution.
  • The music is synchronised.
  • Universal expressions (Works with any language).
  • Works with After Effects CS5 or Above.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 705mb)


Help File

Alternate Download



  1. The download link does not work. :-(

  2. Thanks for the template. Its really good.

  3. cuando abro el proyecto no me aparece nada :(

  4. Cuando abro el proyecto no me aparece nada , me podrĂ­an ayudar??? Gracias

  5. hi
    i have download this template and follow the help file, but i can't seem to do it functionned.
    you can help me for to do it functionned ?
    thanks you.

  6. How can I add images? Images do not appear in the video. Cannot edit. I put an image on the tablet layer but in the video appears black screen. Can you help me? Please!

    1. The images need to be added on the appropriate composition , not on the final render

  7. Cuando agrego las imagenes de fondo me sale en negro en la composicion final, como lo soluciono?

  8. Did someone solved the problem with the black screen that appears when we put something on the tabs of laptop, tablet or phone ones?

    1. there might be 2 problems :
      1st: you are not adding the images to the right location or on the correct composition.
      If that is the case please re-open a fresh copy of the downloaded project and follow the instructions based on the composition names.

      2nd: There might be issues with the previews, it may not display all the reflected changes properly and have to be configured according to your pc.

    2. I have a problem, dont works, appears a warning. "the property or Slider method of the Effect class does not exist" and the screens dont works, they are in another position, Does it affect opening it on Mac?