Lower Third Animated Particle - Different Colors

// No Survey // No Plugins // No Watermark // Direct Link //

• Download Link Below.
• Free Download.
• Easily customisable.

-Full HD 1920 ×1080.
-No need 3rd party plug ins required.
-Broadcast quality.
-Help Video file Included.
-You can use this for any professional work.
-5 different colors included (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Gray)
-Add style in your corporate video, television, news, show, on air graphics, movie, documentary, or presentations.

  • There are no render times, because all lowerthirds are prerendered.

  • All Text is Customizable. if you want to make changes just doubleclick on the Name and make your changes.
  • All Colors can be changed. an Adjustmentlayer called "colorings" you can turn on and easy play with the Master Hue Wheel to change the overall Color .

  • The Font i Used in "Fresh"-lowerthird is "SF MovieFont".

  • The Musicfile is from AudioJungle It is called "Jump in the Fire" from MinDamage.
  • The File itself is not included, but you can purchase the File here: http://audiojungle.net/item/jump-in-the-fire/98793

  • All Lower Thirds are Prerendered for better Performance.
  • You can easily import in to any editing application, lik avid or finalCut, when you import the files import it with premultiplied Alpha.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 15mb)


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