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• Easily customisable.

Open the project file and look at the project panel

You can change things as follow:

- Starting/ending Titles (your company/web) :

1.click the [FIRST TITLES - LOGO AND WEB] folder
2.to change main text -> double-click [USER - YOUR COMPANY]comp and rewrite the text layer inside
3.to change web text -> double-click [USER - WWW.YOURWEB.COM]comp and rewrite the text layer inside

note: Since the starting and ending titles are the same, once the starting text is changed, the ending text is updated automaticly.


- Footage and text elements EXAMPLE :

1.Click the FOOTAGE1 folder
2.to change footage -> double-click [USER - Foogae 1 placeholder] and replace the footage you see with any graphic/video/logo you want
3.to change footage head title -> double-click [USER - Foogae 1 titels] and rewrite the text layer inside.
4.to change footage subtext -> double-click [USER - Foogae 1 subtext] and rewrite the text layers inside.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 137mb)


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