Reveal is a 12 sec opening/logo reveal animation. It comes with 2 versions, White & Dark.

For this project you will need Trapcode Particular and Trapcode Shine plugins, but we have also included a pre-rendered version for those who do not have them. In adition there is a video tutorial explaining how to change the content.

In the project window open the PLACEHOLDER TEXT folder.Here you find 2 comps where you can type your TEXT.
The project has got 3 main comps in the final comp.(intro,animate out and main logo).if you don't like one part of the project just disable the comp.

The METAL.jpg is from Andrew kramer that you can find here
Download the project file

in here you find 2 PARTICULAR CIRCLE CONTROL layers(Null objects).These layers create a perfect circle motion via expression.Radius and Phase of the circle can be
modified with 2 separate SLIDER CONTROLS.PHASE slider defines the starting point of the circle motion.if you change the RADIUS ,all OF and PARTICULAR layers which are
linked to this controller will update accordingly.Just select all layers in the comp and hit 'ee' to reveal all Expressions used in the comp.

open layer 2+5 comp to type your text.


Don't change the text in this comp.Use the comps in the MAIN LOGO COMP

Particular layer 4+5 create a spiral motion.Layer1+2 (spiral help1+2) control the radius and cycle of the spiral motion.
Text fades out with a simple LINEAR WIPE TRANSITION,modify if you need to.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 74mb)