The Line

Can be customized with your own images and text.


• Use your preferred image software (eg photoshop) to create your custom images at 800px x 600px

• Open the folder named Placeholder Images.

• Right-Click the placeholders (eg image_02.jpg) and select Replace Footage / File.

• Select your new custom image from your hard disk.

• The logo.png should be produced at 1000px x 1000px - import this the same way as described above.



• Open the folder named Your Custom Assets

• Double click any of the compositions entitled "Change Text" to open them.

• When the text composition is open, double click the text to select it (or alternatively select the text layer in the timeline).

• You can now change the text to your own words. You can also change the font, font color, font size by using the Character palette (Window / Character)

• The Main Composition contains markers in top of the timeline which show you where the various text and images are used.



• The layers named Spectrum and Background use the Audio spectrum effect which comes built in with AE CS3. This effect uses the volume of the soundtrack to drive the depth of the spectrum. So where the music is loud, the spectrum will appear larger, and where the music is quiet, the spectrum will appear smaller.

If you change the soundtrack, then the effects will react to the volume of your new soundtrack. To change the music do the following:



• Open the folder named Audio

• Right-Click the file named Soundtrack.aif, select Replace Footage / File

• Select your new audio file from your hard disk.



To render out the movie,

• Double click the Main Composition in the project palette to open it.

• Go to Composition / Make Movie

• Adjust your Render settings / Output modules

• Click Render


Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 89mb)