The Savior Film Trailer

Another project for trailer making.

Step 1: Open up the project file (Doh!) :D
Step 2: In the project windows you will see folders named 'Scen 1' , 'Scen 2' & Finale. In each of them you will find:
'Edit Text Here' - In these compositions you will change the text to your liking.
'Edit Effects Here' - in these compositions you can change the colour and all that good stuff.
'Do Not touch' - DO NOT TOUCH :)
Step 3: Go to your desired composition inside of 'Render Comps' and render it out.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 77mb)



  1. flare 1, 2 and 3 crash

  2. je peux pas accedé a le fichier
    I can't Find the File Help me

  3. iam unable to download the file... can you plsz fix the problem....

  4. If you can't download the file, try to click several times.

  5. I haven't had any problems using the templates delivered by 99templates and I have been satisfied for 3-4 years. Just want to take this opportunity to say thanks for sharing everything. I'm a homeless veteran and have no money to invest in my own design tools. A laptop was given to me and with your templates and a motion graphic portable editor, I am able to save my money and have been creating graphics for people. I do appreciate your website. Thanks again

  6. Got this and the Lens Flare .mov files are corrupted or unrecognised by AE. Please help!