Spectrum HD

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• Download Link Below.
• Free Download.
• Easily customisable.

A really cool atmospheric sequence that comes alive to your music. Most of the elements within the sequence are driven by whatever music you add to the project. This will allow the visuals to blend with the music and really draw the audience into the sequence. Let the Spectrum AE Project take your presentation, intro sequence and media to the next level.

• The project is well organized and colour coded to make navigation easy.
• It is also broken up into scenes so making changes and/or adding in extra copies of scenes.
• All elements are editable within AE. Everything can be changed.
• Prepared at 1920×1080 for HD output.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 1mb)

Sagar Sammy


  1. Good template and site, tks

  2. Hi Brother thank you very much for the good designz. I love them

  3. Replies
    1. the templates we upload works for cs3 and cs4 too.

  4. Dude , Please we want templates for cs4 ? :D

  5. When I open the file it asks me to install 2 plugins, like CC flo motion. Why does it ask for plugins? The file looks different from the video above without these plugins.

    1. Some of the templates may require plugins but they are mostly optional.
      Not having one will not change the output much.

  6. something is wrong with some links ? or is my internet connnection please check it

    1. the problem might be temporary most probably from your side, it is working fine!