0. Can I use these templates in Sony Vegas, Final Cut, or any other editing program?

The templates we upload are made only for Adobe After Effects.
Once you customize these templates in After Effects, you can then export them into a variety of video formats.

1. What After Effects version is required for the templates?

Mostly all the projects uploaded require Adobe After Effects CS3 or higher.
For other templates it is mentioned explicitly.
Please note that adobe can convert projects accordingly, so you dont have to worry about an exact version.

2. I receive an error when i try to extract the file, how to fix?

We use Zip/Rar archive files, so we recommend to use 7zip for .zip file and WinRar for .rar files.
Make sure they are of latest versions.

3. When i try to open the project AE displays multiple warnings/errors, is that ok?

These warnings are generally of missing files, which are mostly fonts which gets chosen automatically depending on what fonts are installed on your system.
Please install all the setup components when installing after effects and also Apple quickTime Player.

4. How do I edit specific parts of the templates like color/background/font/text?

Many of our templates comes with a tutorial or a video walkthrough.
You should have some basic knowledge about editing and  After Effects, because the templates are constructed in a way understandable by majority of users.

5. I dont have the skill to edit the templates, can you guys do it for me?

Yes, we are willing to customize any template according to your needs, please check out this page for further information.

6. Are you really free?

Yes we are really free, and do not charge for the templates we upload.
However in order to run the website we have to display advertisements which are generated only by Google.com.
So we request you to disable any ad-blockers and click on the ads that peaks your interest.

7. How can i know that you arent spreading viruses?

We aim to provide the best resource for free template projects that is why we have a very simple website design and provide one click downloads, without any redirections/captcha/surveys.

8. The download link doesnt work, is there a problem?

There might be some occasional issues where the server might not respond, please wait for some time.
If the problem is still not fixed and there is a broken link please report it by emailing us at contact@99templates.net

9. Can i use these templates for commercial purposes or for a client?

Yes, use them to your liking, we cannot provide a more direct and shorter answer.

10. If I use your templates, do I have to credit you?

No you don't have to, but we would appreciate if you just spread the word about us to your friends/colleagues.

11. YouTube has flagged my video, what should I do?

We make sure that this doesnt happen, but sometimes due to varying changes in the copyright material we suggest you to modify the template as suggested by Youtube.com i.e Replacing the audio with some other one.


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    so I can use an intro for my YouTube Videos, also as a YouTube Partner?

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