Swivel Tilt

Another great photo based templates available for free download.

Swivel_Tilt_Main_render is main comp it includes content from: SCREEN_01_content thru SCREEN_04_content
FLASH_SCREEN_1_render thru FLASH_SCREEN_8_render are the editable segment comps, they include content from FLASH_SCREEN_1_content thru FLASH_SCREEN_8_content

Logo Comps

There's an intro and an outro logo comp. They are set up to be used with either a type layer and a shape, or a custom logo. You can replace the envato logo with your custom logo, then adjust the layer style "stroke" properties to taste.


Replace placeholders with your video. Then reposition type_backer_shape and CORNER_TYPE to taste. For fullscreen type, turn off CORNER_TYPE,type_backer_shape, and video layer, then turn on FULL_SCREEN_TYPE


In the SCREEN_CONTROLS comp you can find all centralized custom control in the effects panel of SWIVEL_TILT_CONTROLS layer. For a consistent screen background color, keep the checkbox at top activated and use the screen_color swatch to pick it. For individual colors for every screen, deactivate that check box and you will find a solid with a fill effect at the bottom of every screen content comp named custom_screen_color. You can also adjust gradient, vignette, and scanline opacity along with border thickness.

Ring and Background color can be found at the bottom, these controls change the color of the 3D render, they also include a darkness slider which can further boost your color selection.


If you need more than the 4 built in screens, use the "extended comp" which has extra length in it. There is a flash in and flash out transition layer which can be duplicated and adjusted to help transition from one screen to the next. All flash screens have built in transitions so that's just in case you need a little extra.

Simply layout however many screens you want into the extended comp, each render comp has a corresponding content comp.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 232mb)

Sagar Sammy


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