Need some support!

Hello guys,
Hope you are having a fun time by getting the free templates provided here.

Want to address some things in this post.

1- For users getting errors in extraction, the files are not corrupted you have to use 7zip for successful zip file extraction.

2- Please support this blog by disabling any ad-blocker tool you're using.
Also like the videos on youtube and subscribe us there.

3- Please leave comments on what else you would like to have on this website and how can i improve things to make your experience better.

4- More templates will be coming up, so if i haven't even able to surprise you then please stay tuned.

5- Please comment 'YES' if you are in favour of download from torrents and 'NO' if you're not
(I will be seeding it as a private torrents so you will get the maximum speed as you generally get and same files with no virus and other shit).




  1. He intentado bajar algunos temples con Chrome y me dio error de sitio sospechado los link, pero lo resolví cambiando el explorador por Modzilla o IE. Gracias

  2. the templates which link to Most of them are unreliable. They typically just load a blank page. works perfectly.

    1. Its a temporary problem, request you to try again at a different time using another browser.