Smoke And Mirrors

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  • Download Link Below.
  • Free Download.
  • Easily customisable.

-- A dramatic promo trailer designed with a subtle abstract smoke texture in mind.
-- Perfect for movie trailers or promos.
-- All elements including the smoke and grunge texture element.
-- Absolutely, positively, totally, completely no third party plugins required.
-- If you’ve got AE CS3 or higher, you can use this no problem.
-- 1024×576, 1280×720 and 1920×1080 resolutions available.
-- Newbie friendly. You shouldn’t need to look at the help file to use this.
-- Easy to edit. That’s the plus side of color coding.

-- These distinct variations of natural light provide contrast for the human brain to perceive different objects which when organized in a particular pattern will enable the mind to engage their objective in an efficient manner.

-- Everything is synced up to the music cut which is included in the music track The End.
-- Just edit your sequence, whack in the music and boom! That’s your promo!
-- You can also add in your own video footage or images.

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(Direct Link, 41 mb)