Digital Communication Advertisement

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• Download Link Below.
• Free Download.
• Easily customisable.

  • This composition is all about digital communication. Use it as an tv ad for the telephone company, as a presentation for your data network system, etc. Also great for a clean corporate leader or promo.

  • Choose your own audio so the waveform (first white line/stroke) will react on your audio.

  • You can customize everything: the lines, the symbols/drawings (all vector), etc. So you don’t have to stick with the ‘communication’ theme. Just drop in some other images, change the background color and you’re done!

  • There’s one pre rendered element (the big waveform on the background).

  • Because (almost) everything is vector you can easily upscale the entire composition to whatever resolution you want without losing quality.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 85mb)


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