Fairy Book

This fairy book is wonderfully suited to the family album, magic history, every event, and much more. You can easily use any of your photos or video snippets, as well as any of your text.
I used one additional plugin Trapcode Particular, because wanted to make beautiful particle.
You can use photo frames or photo without them, as well as pre-cut photos in Photoshop.
As always it is very easy to use, you simply insert your photos or any media and text, you can use horizontal or vertical photos, the project provided.

Used font:
Name: Rothenburg Decorative, Regular
Download here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/12225

Name: ChopinScript, Regular
Download here: http://www.abstractfonts.com/font/5545

Description of the use compositions:
fairybook - This is the final composition.
TittleText - Here, write your tittle text
Page1-6_text - Here, write your text
Photo1-6 - Here insert your photos or media
Photo frame 1-6 - compositions with photo frames, if you want use your photos without frames, simply insert your photo in this comps.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 386mb)



  1. Given download link is not working. Even rest of the links are not working.

    1. There might be a temporary issue, please try again.

  2. Thanks for the template. Is there a chance to have the "Particular" plugin needed? I can only see a black solid in the foreground of the final comp with some action occurring behind it.