Cinematic Logo Opening

The title says it all Cinematic Logo Opening, Enjoy!

First of all, in footage folder there are two pre-rendered flares, but if you have the Optical Flares plugin, you can find the respective layers hided in "3d city" comp.

You need only to put your logo in "Your Logo" comp, and replace info text with yours, and automatically it becomes 3d in the main comp.

Also replace text intro in Main Comp if you want an intro text.

You can also modify the look of the scene, changing parameters of layers Effects and Effects2.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 180mb)



  1. Error:Photoshop file format error:(-19) ( 45 :: 36 ). What's the problem?

  2. Error:Photoshop file format error:(-19) ( 45 :: 36 ) please what is the problem? thank you