Soccer Promo 3D

For the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the premier international football tournament. This is soccer 3D scene created in After Effects CS3. Camera animated around soccer field shows players action and big screen around the stadium, that easy to replace with your pictures. Best for soccer promo.

-         HDV 1280x720 , 29.97 fps
-         6 placeholders on the big screen.
-         No 3rd-party plugins required.
-         Duration 30 sec.
-         Of course, sound track included.


1. Replacing pictures

-         Open Placeholder folder from project tab.
-         Inside This folder , there are 6 placeholder pictures in this folder.
-         Right click to replace them with your picture or video.

2. Resize your picture or video

-         Open DisplayComp folder from project tab.
-         Inside this folder , there are 6 Display compositions.
-         Open it and reposition and/or  resize your picture.

3. Render MAIN composition

Open MAIN composition from project tab. Render this composition for the final result.
MAIN composition consists of many layers.

Every “Player” layers has rotaion expression that link with camera,
DON’T disable or delete this camera or this project will get error.
If it occur, just close project but don’t save and open it again.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 80mb)


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  1. This soccer template is amazing and very useful in creating a promo for soccer in Olympic season. I am also creating these kind of After Effects Templates and hope people will love downloading it for their videos. Thanks for the information about its features.