Top of the Town

Another photo based template, fully customisable.

Editing Titles:

Find the Folder in the project panel called"Edit text Comps" There are all 6 comps  you wish to edit Text
Double click on the Composition name,Move Litlle forward in the timeline then Double click on the text layer and you will see the text highlight
In the Composition Panel.You can now type whatever text or phrase you would like to or change the font,Just be careful your text is not out of the Frame.Same way in All text Compositions .
To change Text in the " Final text or Logo" composition Double click on the Composition name,then Double click on the text layer and you will see the text highlight
In the Composition Panel,you can now type your text or delete all the layers and import your Logo(Image or Video) in this composition(Same Way for Final Text or Logo Comp).

Adding your own pictures or video in the Buildings:

 there are 4 s Compositions called "Video Buildings  Comps" in the Project panel"in the Video Buildings  Comps(EDIT)"Folder you can put  your own images or video into. Locate the Composition image you wish to replace in the "Assets (Replace)"Folder in the Project panel and for the example select "Video Building 1 " Image (Note: the Image are named
what the  Composition says, e.g. “Video Building 1” image will be the “Video Building 1" Comp. Then right click on the Image>Replace Footage>File and  select your own footage or image into After Effects.The footage should now replaced in the Video Building 1 Composition. Then Double click on the Video Building 1 composition.
 Depending on the Video Building 1 Composition  your footage or image you may want
to scale it up or down to suite the template,Go to composition,move Little forward in the Timeline(either select the layer and press the “s” key or
use the twirly beside the layer in the Timeline panel and twirl down the Transform
parameters to access the scale function) .Same way for another 3 comps.
You can check  your scale and adjustments is correct by going
in the Final comp to Render and deciding if it looks right.

Finally be sure the Motion Blur is turned-on in All Compositions


To render the template out  go to Composition  "Final Comp to Render 1280_720" or "Final Comp to Render 720_480" then go to Composition > Add to Render Queue and select the settings you want.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 68mb)