The Elegant Floor

Custom titles popping from the floor, very elegant and modern looking.

TEXT customization

(green layers)

_ in after effects, double click on the "thefloor_comp" composition to open it
_ move the timeline slider over a text layer you want to change
_ double click on this layer to retype the text
_ change the font, style, size and (re)adjust the position of the layers if you like

CONTENT / IMAGE OR VIDEO customization

(red layers)

- placeholder1
- placeholder2
- placeholder3
- placeholder_logo

(folder: placeholders)

_ in After Effects double click on one of the placeholder compositions
_ delete all layers in it
_ import your image or video to this composition
_ scale the new layer(s) up or down to match the composition's resolution

ADVANCED customization

Feel free to modify this project template even further:
The layers with the 3d coordinates of the pre-rendered animation / 3d camera are invisible.
Make them visible and ad more elements / plug-in effects of your choice to the scene.
"Parent" or "pick whip" new layers / plugin-in coordinates to the pre-rendered 3d coordinates
to make them fit into the animation's 3d space.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 96.3mb)



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