The Newspaper

A newspaper styled template for free!

The Project is organised into folders.
• Other Comps
Contains the Precomps for the Newsprint Look,
and the the PageBackLayoutMasters
• Page Comps
Contains the Precomps for the eight different
• Solids
• Sounds
A folder for any sounds or music. It contains the
paper_turn.wav le
• Your Images
A folder for any images or video you may want to
use in the project.
It contains the paper_wrinkled.png le for the
crumpled newspaper look and on top is the MAIN Comp For Render

Everything in each folder is straightforward and I encourage you to open up the PreComps and see
what makes them tick.

Page Comps
There are eight different PageLayoutMasters that make up the eight newspaper pages in the
‘MAIN Comp for Render’ Comp. I have varied the page layout for each page but otherwise they
contain all the same elements.
Open up PageLayoutMaster01 and beginning at the bottom of the stack is a Solid that determines the colour of the page. You can replace this with a paper texture or simply change the colour.
The Your image Here Layer is where you place an image or video. This layer contains a mask to
crop the image to size but you can simply alter the page layout to accomodate larger or smaller
images/videos. The next layer is the Newsprint Look, a PreComp that gives a “dot screen” look to
the image. The PreComp for this layer contains the Checkerboard and Fast Blur effects that can be
adjusted also. The next layer is a Shape Layer for the black border and the six Text Layers above
make up the newspaper copy and headlines. The top layer is the wrinkled paper look. You can of
course design any layout you want. You may want a magazine look or a picture book. You can add
as many pages as you like. The Project is very exible.

MAIN Comp For Render

Now open up the ‘MAIN Comp for Render’ Comp. Select the Motion Controller Layer and
hit “U” on the keyboard to reveal the layer’s keyframes. Instead of using a Camera the animation
is instead generated by the Motion Controller Layer, a 3d Null Layer. Keyframes have been added
for the layer’s Position, Scale and Rotation parameters. These can be adjusted to get the motion
you want. I keyframed the rst two page movents and then copied and pasted the keyframes further
along the timeline with some minor changes until I got the ow I wanted.
The eight PageLayoutMaster Comps and their accompanying Text Layers in the ‘MAIN
Comp for Render’ Comp are all 3d Layers. Most importantly these layers are all Parented to the
Motion Controller Layer. Scroll through the Timeline to see how the motion affects the layers.
You will also see that the eight PageLayoutMaster Comps and their accompanying Text
Layers and paper_turn.wav Layers have been offset in time to match the Motion Controller Layer
keyframes. More pages can be added by duplicating the PageLayoutMaster Comps, the Text Layers
and paper_turn.wav Layers as well as the Motion Controller Layer keyframes.
NOTE: To ensure that each page is unique, duplicate the PageLayoutMaster Comps in the Page
Comps Folder, make your layout changes and then place them in the timeline.

Click below to download.


(Direct Link, 96mb)



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